Refund Policy


Subject Membership:

We do not offer refunds on purchases made through the Site. We provide free  Online information about the membership content before you purchase a Subscription or make a One-time payment in order to help inform your decision to purchase or not.

Free /Paid Online Coaching

1. Amount once paid  for paid-coaching will not be refunded if cancellation is made  48  hours before the lecture date.

2. A  refund will be granted in case of cancellations made more than 24  hours before the lecture date.A  cancellation fee of Rs 200 will be charged.A coupon will be issued for the balance amount. This coupon can be used to book other online courses or bookimg a tutor.The coupon will be valid for 90 days from issue.

3. If it comes to our notice that you are a  person other than a student trying to avail coaching facility, your  lecture will be cancelled and no amount shall be refunded.

4. Our online lectures will be conducted via skype. Students residing in countries where skype isn’t available or banned must not enroll for coaching via skype.

5. Incase of technical issues due to while a class cannot conduct smoothly, the lecture might be extended by the same amount or the lecture time missed due to the technical snag will be adjusted on another day. However , no refund will be issued . A refund will only be issued if  no lecture can be conducted at all .

6. Misbehaviour , any personal or other offensive remarks during the lecture will lead to the suspension of the student from the class and no refund will be issued. It might also result in the student losing the his site membership