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Online Machine Learning Language Tutor

Eric Abagnale
After graduating with a B.Sc. in Computer Science, I worked as a full-stack developer and and Android developer and now dedicate my free time to tutoring and teaching. Let's go.
$18 / hr
Heinz Metrosan Donrad
Experienced .NET Developer | Over 10 Years of Expertise in Software Development, Architecture, Data & Machine Learning
$48 / hr
Ali Arefi-Anbarani
Machine Learning Engineer with strong Python, Pytorch, TensorFlow skills. Experienced in AI product development, led teams at NetraScale, contributed to NASA Ames Advanced studies lab.
$60 / hr
Mohammad Mohammad
Hello my name is Mohammad! Data and Python are entirely my passion and I absolutely love teaching it more than anything! I have multiple years of experience and look forward to helping you!
$36 / hr
Ismail Ben seddik
Having amassed more than four years of work experience in both software engineering and teaching, I am eager to explore exciting computer science concepts together.
$30 / hr
Karan Kishor Vyas
"Passionate AI Masters grad with 6+ yrs teaching experience in ML & Python. Helped students worldwide excel. Let's learn and innovate together!"
$30 / hr