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Online Python Language Tutor

Merra Migora
I'm Merra Migora. Transferring to UW for a BS in CS with a 4.0 GPA in all programming courses. Tutoring Python and Java at ASC since Fall 2024, VP of the CS Club, and CRLA Level 3 certified.
$12 / hr
Ahnaf Kabir
Data Scientist with dual degrees in Data Science and Computer Science. Former TA at UW Madison, passionate about helping students with Python, ML, and leveraging emerging technologies like ChatGPT.
$48 / hr
Andreas Rasvanis
Professional Competitive Programmer and Tutor, Olympian (IOI), Founder of AlgoWise Tutoring
$48 / hr
Shraddha Shukla
I am a Professional Global Coding Teacher having more than 5 years of experience teaching Java Script, Scratch, Thunkable , Microbit, Robotics, Phython & have taught around 700students across globe.
$13.5 / hr
Michael Greenwald
Software Engineer with 4+ years of experience with Python, C#, and JavaScript. I minored in Computer Science at UC Berkeley. I'm excited to share my knowledge and passion for programming with you!
$24 / hr
Karan Kishor Vyas
"Passionate AI Masters grad with 6+ yrs teaching experience in ML & Python. Helped students worldwide excel. Let's learn and innovate together!"
$30 / hr
Monesh Venkul Vommi
Developer & Educator
$36 / hr
Mahmoud Mansour
I'm Mahmoud, an enthusiastic Python Tutor with a passion for teaching and a background in Machine Learning. I've completed impactful projects across various ML domains and excel in Python programming.
$24 / hr
Daniel Jimenez
Experienced Python & Java tutor for 5+ years. Completing Master's at University of Padua. Let's elevate your coding skills together!
$60 / hr
Aydin Ganiyev
Dedicated professional highly skilled at Python, I enjoy collaborating with students on diverse projects to solve real-life problems.
$42 / hr
Karadihalli Rajappa Harshita
I'm Harshita from India, a coding instructor for six years. I love teaching students and am passionate about learning. This platform lets me connect with eager students to help them grow in coding.
$36 / hr